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adam baldwin, all the mowgli stories, archery, bellydancing, blading, boarding, cello playing, chainmail making, chuck, climbing, cooking, cross-stitch, david blackburn, diablo 2, dorothy l. sayers, dressmaking, dungeon siege, dvds, fat boy swim, firefly, gardening, glima, glyn hughes, harry potter, house, jasper fforde, jayne cobb, jewellery making, jon courtenay grimwood, joss whedon, judaism, knitting, longboarding, maces, macs, mal reynolds, mal/jayne, mandarin chinese, maths, morowind, murder must advertise, naalbinding, nathan fillion, neuromancer, oblivion, orson scott card, phil rickman, piano playing, planescape torment, podcasting, reading, reenactment, richard morgan, roleplaying, sacred, sci-fi, science fiction, serenity, short stories, singing, skiing, slushpile reading, snowboarding, stan barstow, swords, t.s. eliot, tablet weaving, tadpoles, the sentinel, thom madeley, w.h. auden, william gibson, writing
Hi, I'm Ellen. I write documentation for a living, and I like writing fiction and fanfic, reading, sword-fighting, glima, dressmaking, knitting, singing, making and listening to a wide range of music, making chainmail, cooking, climbing, roleplaying, computer games, climbing, seeing friends and watching films. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff. Thanks to a bad year with ME, I'm on hiatus from a number of unpaid jobs: slushpile shoveller for Pseudopod, the world's largest horror podcast, and commissioning editor, slushpile reader, proofreader and occasional reviewer for Hub, Europe's biggest SF, F & horror pdf ezine. They aren't on hiatus, though - go check them out.

Big changes are happening at the moment, not least of which that I've left York with my husband after 16 and a half years. I'll be back to visit, though, and I should now have the time and the energy to do all the things I've stopped over the past year. Woohoo!

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